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A high-quality metadata catalog provides the foundation for intuitive search and navigation, enabling users to easily find their favorite TV shows, movies, music, celebrities, books and games, as well as discover new ones. With 60+ years of experience in consolidating, normalizing and structuring entertainment metadata, TiVo has developed an ID structure often viewed as an industry standard. We dedicate hundreds of people across the globe, covering countries in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia, consistently processing millions of program and episode changes. Our expertly created editorial content and collection of images create eye-catching and engaging entertainment experiences to differentiate your product or service. It’s this global breadth and content depth that create cross-category links, helping drive additional consumption and engaging fans by making connections across multiple media types. With metadata from TiVo, deliver a unique consumer experience, increase consumption, build loyalty and ultimately drive revenue with a catalog that’s deep, broad, comprehensive and current.

Video Metadata

A leading metadata resource for international TV shows, movies and sporting events, TiVo provides metadata on more than 17 million programs, plus descriptive information on theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray releases. With TiVo's Video Metadata, get the basic facts as well as rich media and unique features designed to satisfy avid entertainment fans – from bios and reviews to trailers and Twitter handles. Whether you need TV listings on local schedules, details for on-demand guides or entertainment websites or deep links to OTT content sources, our Video Metadata can help you differentiate products, and drive consumption and sales.

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Sports Metadata

Our international sports metadata catalog covers almost 300,000 of the world’s most popular sporting events, including games and matches from nearly all major professional leagues, and is designed to help drive viewers to the most exciting sports content available with rich, real-time information.

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Music Metadata

With music metadata from TiVo, you gain comprehensive metadata on millions of albums and tracks worldwide – from popular hits and cult favorites to minor works and classical masterpieces. In addition to basic facts, our catalog offers original editorial content, rich media and other features that bring fans closer to the albums and artists they love. With TiVo, you can differentiate your offerings, increase usage and drive consumption.

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Books Metadata

With one of the largest repositories of information on literary works, TiVo provides books metadata on more than 10 million in-print and out-of-print titles, covering major segments of the books market. Created, compiled and edited by experts in the field, this rich, descriptive information includes value-added services to encourage greater discovery, incremental sales, sustained customer loyalty and browser-to-buyer conversion.

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Games Metadata

Designed to meet the needs of novice and expert gamers alike, TiVo's games metadata catalog covers tens of thousands of video games with detailed descriptions, classifications, original reviews, rich imagery, trailers and more. Featuring hundreds of platforms and game styles, TiVo can help you provide gamers with immediate access to titles based on their genre and style preferences, and more.

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