Studio, Broadcaster & Network Metadata Packages

Maximize the value of your catalog and increase viewer engagement across platforms with TiVo’s Video Metadata.

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Optimizing content for the multi-screen age.

TiVo’s industry-leading Video Metadata covers 17+ million TV shows, movies and sporting events in 70+ countries and 16 languages. We’re offering studios, broadcasters and networks metadata packages tailored to make their content – including large, untapped back catalogs – more searchable, discoverable, and seamlessly available across distribution platforms and services. 

Catalog Enrichment Services

TiVo’s Video Metadata is unmatched in its ability to provide deep, regionalized information that connects audiences with relevant programming. Our editorial expertise – hundreds of editors worldwide generating keywords, mood, theme and tone descriptors, coupled with fully integrated machine learning via TiVo’s Knowledge Graph – can help maximize the content discovered, viewed and monetized across entire catalogs. TiVo continuously assesses the popularity and relevance of entertainment in the real world so discovery systems can anticipate consumers’ interests and merchandise catalogs more effectively by referencing related entertainment.

Catalog Enrichment Packages

The three packages for studios, broadcasters and networks are:

Core Language – Synopses, descriptors, historical awards data, cast and crew details, franchise information and imagery

International – Translated synopses, deep descriptors and cast and crew information in up to 16 languages; market-specific titles, imagery and copy

Enhanced Connections – Weighted connections and relevance, correlation with real-world trends and machine-generated keywords

Metadata Distribution Services

To enable superior universal search experiences, TiVo delivers content in various XML formats for seamless availability to different distribution platforms with proprietary metadata standards, including over-the-top (OTT) platforms and independent affiliates.

Metadata Management Services

To best administer workflows for broadcasters, partners and affiliates, we will offer an enterprise-class metadata platform created specifically to manage business processes within this specialized environment.

TiVo’s Knowledge Graph Engine

TiVo’s Studio, Broadcaster and Network Metadata Packages are powered by our unparalleled Knowledge Graph Engine, the entertainment industry’s most robust source of highly dynamic and searchable metadata, which enables delivery of timely, trending and popular search results and recommendations that are progressively smarter, relevant and tailored to each individual and situation.


  • Leverage rich, deep descriptors, credits, role details and plot synopses to maximize discovery and conversion opportunities.
  • Package and promote international catalogs across 70+ countries by localizing descriptions, celebrity information, market- and language-specific titles, synopses and imagery.
  • Reveal connections between programs and package related content together.
  • Take advantage of real-world trends to promote relevant content.
  • Maximize the value of your content and target it effectively.
  • Increase the ROI of expanding content catalogs.
  • Gain insight into customer viewing habits for content targeting.
  • Save time and resources globally by maximizing TiVo’s OTT experience and reach.

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