TiVo Experience 4

The next generation of the iconic TiVo interface.


Reduce subscriber churn.

Provide more value to viewers across their devices with a hyper-personalized, unified experience including viewing "predictions" across TV and streaming sources.

Monetize the experience.

Enhance the stickiness of your service and help monetize with increased VOD transactions, DVR take-rates, engagement on TiVo+ and broadband upsell.


Enhance customer satisfaction.

Simplify and speed content access with universal search and browse, and relevant recommendations and search results, powered by conversational voice.

Drive engagement and loyalty.

In a visually stunning, highly appealing experience, immerse viewers in the entertainment they want, when and where they want it.

Conversational voice control.

Powered by natural-language understanding technology and machine learning, TiVo’s voice command and control capabilities allow for conversational dialogue to find and watch content, dramatically simplifying discovery. Our technology interprets everyday language and personalizes results based on viewing history, time of day, day of the week and what’s trending.




Favorite TiVo features on display.

TiVo's SmartBar® predicts what viewers want to watch based on the time and day, and makes content accessible from the Home screen. What to Watch enables browsing by category, with relevant linear and OTT recommendations front and center. QuickView™ displays what’s on other channels while the current program continues in the background.






Less searching, more watching.

Universal search and recommendations span live, recorded, on-demand and streaming content sources. Results are highly relevant, taking viewer preferences, behaviors and context into account. OnePass™ adds speed and convenience by collecting episodes of a viewer’s favorite programming across sources.




Seamless entertainment across screens.

Differentiate your service and drive retention by providing a beautiful, image-rich user design optimized for viewers’ favorite devices. From the TV to tablets to smartphones and more, the intuitive, intelligent experience follows viewers wherever they want to watch.



TiVo Experience 4

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