Mobile discovery in one powerful guide.

CubiGO is the multi-screen entertainment discovery solution as mobile as today’s subscribers. Able to access content across multiple platforms and compatible with nearly all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, CubiGO delivers quick and effective guidance to viewers while enabling over-the-top (OTT) consumption of linear TV and video-on-demand (VOD) services, and works with subscription, transactional, free and ad-supported business models.


A dynamic set of features.

CubiGO provides the multi-screen functionality that subscribers demand by enabling the migration of video playback between devices, allowing viewers to move content from their personal devices to the big screen with ease. CubiGO also powers on-demand access to previously broadcast television programming, thanks to catch-up TV, and gives subscribers the ability to schedule, control and view recordings on their network personal video recorder (PVR). CubiGO can transform a subscriber's mobile device into a smart remote to control their CubiGO-powered set-top box. With these dynamic features, CubiGO puts a powerful discovery experience in the palm of the viewer’s hand.



Flexibility and functionality.

In addition to its appealing user interface, CubiGO offers APIs that allow operators to customize and easily integrate the discovery experience to meet the demands of their subscriber base. And because CubiGO utilizes a modular pay-as-you-grow implementation model, operators can access as much functionality as their viewers require.



  • Quickly deploy a multi-screen playback and discovery solution to your subscribers.
  • Incorporate a mobile network PVR and catch-up TV.
  • Enable control of the main screen using a tablet or smartphone.
  • Introduce innovative services to reduce subscriber churn and increase average revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Offer a consistent user experience and functionality across devices.

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