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Customer satisfaction and retention are critical success factors for TV service providers, but launching new features – especially advanced capabilities that unify traditional TV with over-the-top content across devices – can be daunting.  TiVo’s solutions for hybrid set-top boxes can help TV service providers deliver advanced features and smoothly transition to next-gen video services by leveraging infrastructure that supports both QAM and internet-capable IP services.


Compelling solutions from the discovery interface design leader.

TiVo’s hybrid solutions are built on our revolutionary entertainment technology. Featuring our celebrated interface design and customizable to fit your brand and infrastructure, we offer software that enables:

- TiVo’s visually-rich user interface design
- Applications that add value
- Integrated, highly relevant search results and recommendations
- A high level of personalization based on predicted behavior and user-provided details
- Intuitive mobile experiences that are consistent and centered around the user
- An enriched experience and more opportunities for engagement available with comprehensive entertainment metadata



User Interface

With an appealing, user-customizable design, our hybrid solutions support single- and multi-screen content discovery and enjoyment, and time-shifted entertainment. TiVo’s user interface immerses viewers in entertainment imagery and information in a way that’s personal and adds value. It’s designed for quick, simple navigation to the content your customers are looking for.


TiVo’s solutions integrate a breadth of content sources and other applications that expand your customers’ experience and bring them more value through your services. From popular subscription video on demand (SVOD) and other OTT applications to digital-direct content, TiVo centralizes apps simply and elegantly on any device.

Integrated Search and Recommendations

Today, consumers have more high-quality content options than ever, but if they can’t find what they want to watch using your service, retention can suffer. TiVo’s integrated search and recommendations connect your customers with the content they want. We can take relevancy to the next level with search results and recommendations optimized by individual interests and habits, dynamic metadata that considers entertainment relationships and what’s trending, natural-language understanding technology and more. 





TiVo extends experiences from the set-top box (both DVR and non-DVR) to your customers’ mobile devices, working together to provide a compelling, holistic experience.




Compatible with a variety of metadata sources, the TiVo experience can be enhanced by TiVo’s own powerful entertainment metadata catalog. With deep, broad coverage of TV, movies, sports, celebrities, music and more, our expertly created editorial content and collection of images contribute to eye-catching, engaging entertainment experiences to differentiate your service.


TiVo works with several manufacturers and supports a variety of hardware platforms to enable compelling experiences. We focus on solutions that operate on a range of set-tops, from extremely cost-effective to premium versions that maximize performance, and can be deployed as “zapper”-type boxes and gateway DVRs with clients.



Our solutions are currently deployed on hybrid set-top boxes and other devices throughout the Americas and Europe. For the Japan market, learn more about our G-Guide hybrid solution. For emerging markets, learn about our Cubiware solutions. Contact TiVo for more information on incorporating hybrid solutions in your area.

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