25th Anniversary

Entertainment is a lifestyle. TiVo celebrates 25 years of bringing entertainment together.
Celebrate 25 Years of Entertainment with TiVo!

TiVo has been a cultural and technological icon for 25 years, revolutionizing entertainment enjoyment. Committed to enhancing user satisfaction and delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences, TiVo has evolved to meet changing needs in a dynamic media landscape. Let's celebrate TiVo's past and highlight its continued relevance and influence in the future.



“TiVo’s in-guide banners are an essential part of the tune-in strategy for both FOX Entertainment and FOX Sports. It is the perfect product to capture viewers in real time and successfully drives tune-in to watch programming live on FOX. Mediahub has been partnering with TiVo for many years and continues to utilize the TiVo products to maximize viewership of our client’s content.”
Matt Wilson, VP, Group Media Director, Investments at Mediahub Worldwide

Revolutionizing entertainment with a content-first experience, TiVo continues to evolve in a dynamic media landscape. Let's celebrate its past and highlight its ongoing relevance and influence, reaching millions of people across the world.




CES 2024

  • DTS AutoStage™ Video Service, Powered by TiVo™:
  • 2024 Big Innovation Award | Automotive Category
  • TiVo OS: 2024 CES Innovation Award in the Content and Entertainment Honoree


IFA 2023

  • 2023 Best of IFA from Screen Rant
  • 2023 Best in Show from Trusted Reviews
  • 2023 Best of Show (Smart TV Tech) from TechRadar


CES 2023

  • IPTV WOR Remote: 2023 CES Award Honoree
  • Powered by TiVo (TiVo OS): 2023 TWICE Picks Award


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