Studios, Broadcasters & Networks

Tapping big data and metadata to get the right content in front of the right audience.

Optimizing content and finding audiences in a multi-screen world.

Fragmented content consumption has presented studios, broadcasters and networks with new challenges. How do you package and promote content effectively across devices and services? How can you find your audience and better target them with advertising and promotions?

Whether you’re looking to increase viewership, create more effective media plans, distribute content to new platforms or simply gain control of how your content is branded and marketed, TiVo has a solution that’s right for you. TiVo works with studios, broadcasters and networks around the world to help them adapt to today’s viewing habits while growing revenue and decreasing operational costs.

Analytics Solutions for TV Networks

TiVo’s solutions combine the power of big data and cloud processing to uncover patterns in viewer behavior and deliver predictive, actionable insights and intelligence that maximize inventory and services revenue, and increase operational efficiency. We analyze and optimize large quantities of intelligent, predictive data on consumer viewing habits, to enable laser-focused media planning and targeting – all with streamlined integration into TV inventory management platforms.

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Metadata Packages for Studios, Broadcasters & Networks

TiVo can help you increase the visibility and value of your content catalogs by making them effortlessly discoverable. Incorporating themes, keywords, images and related programs, our Studio, Broadcaster & Network Metadata Packages provide comprehensive information and high-quality imagery, local coverage and translations for 70+ countries, automated insight into what’s trending, and more. Enrich your catalogs and more efficiently distribute and manage content for multiple platforms, including OTT.

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