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Target audiences with data-driven tools and analytics.

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Create new advertising and targeting models.

TV advertising has begun to mirror the digital ad world, with rich viewing data and audience metrics that can dramatically improve and even automate video ad targeting and placement, similar to programmatic advertising for digital platforms. In fact, research shows that programmatic TV advertising will account for $10 billion of TV budgets by 2019.With large audiences, valuable content and U.S. TV advertising expenditures reaching $79 billion in 2015,2 broadcasters and content producers have a tremendous opportunity to be part of this transformation – if they have the right tools to access, analyze and act on all of the information at their disposal.


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2 TechCrunch, "Ad Spend Rises...," Jan. 2015

Find the ideal viewer.

TiVo’s solutions for broadcasters and content producers combine the power of big data and cloud processing to uncover patterns in viewer behavior and deliver predictive, actionable insights and intelligence that maximize inventory and services revenue, and increase operational efficiency. Large quantities of intelligent, predictive data on consumer viewing habits, paired with a streamlined integration of those datasets into programmatic TV platforms can be ingested, analyzed and optimized, enabling laser-focused media planning and targeting.


Implement the solution that fits your data-centric needs.

Whether you’re looking to increase viewership, create more effective media plans or simply gain control of how your proprietary content is branded and distributed, TiVo has a data-driven solution. Learn how we can help you overcome a variety of advertising and audience targeting challenges. 


Utilize our modular components.

TiVo’s broadcaster and content producer solutions are built on our powerful analytics products and leading metadata catalog:

  • Audience Management Platform (AMP) – an end-to-end predictive analytics engine which processes raw data from millions of set-top boxes, panel sources and third-party consumer data to identify specialized audience segments and forecast viewership
  • Promo Optimizer – a predictive analytics engine that forecasts viewership and facilitates the process of building and executing promotional media plans
  • Video Metadata – leading metadata resource for international TV shows and movies that help drive content consumption


Capitalize on these forward-thinking benefits. 

TiVo’s solutions for broadcasters and content producers offer several quantifiable benefits, including:

  • Realize intelligent audience projection.
  • Find advertiser-specific target segments. 
  • Take advantage of data-agnostic utility.
  • Streamline and help visualize media plans. 
  • Optimize plans through strategic inventory management.
  • Find similar viewers with viewership-based targeting.
  • Drive content consumption. 

Experience the TiVo difference.

An industry innovator and entertainment data pioneer, TiVo has decades of experience 
in audience interaction. TiVo is unique in building our analytics platform on this heritage, including multi-million-dollar set-top box deployments and industry-leading expertise on how to create, ingest and analyze set-top return-path data, a deep understanding of how to increase viewership via program guides, search and EPG advertising, as well as TiVo’s expansive metadata library to categorize and contextualize content. Differentiate your services and transform your business today, with broadcaster and content producer solutions from TiVo.