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Growing popularity means greater opportunity.

In the first half of 2015, spending on subscription streaming increased 25 percent to $2.38 billion.1 
At the same time, electronic sell-through,
which involves the sale of movies through
pay-per-content stores like iTunes and Google Play,
rose 20 percent, exceeding $940 million.2

1 Source: Parks Associates, Oct. 2015
2 Source: DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group, July 2015

There is a lot to be gained in this crowded marketplace, and with consumers demanding more and more convenience and personalization, the streaming providers, stores and portals offering seamless, tailored entertainment experiences that encourage discovery and engagement will thrive.

Drive revenue and brand loyalty with TiVo.

Whether you stream movies, TV shows, sports and music; provide a store with all types of content to explore and purchase; or simply direct consumers to desired content through a portal, TiVo can help you differentiate your services, maximize consumption, increase retention and improve efficiency. Our solutions combine dynamic metadata and advanced search, personalization and recommendations capabilities to power highly engaging discovery experiences that stand out, as options for consumers continue to expand.


Customize your ideal solution.

According to PwC, more than ever, consumers are demanding high-quality original programming, on-demand convenience, opportunities for binge-watching and access across numerous devices. And, they expect to see highly relevant search results and product recommendations that align with their preferences and suit their needs. With TiVo, streaming and digital media portals can rapidly deploy these features and address unique industry challenges. 


Explore modular components.

TiVo’s streaming and digital media portal solutions are built on our flexible discovery technologies, products and services, which can be combined in countless ways to achieve your specific goals. Components include:

  • Technology Licensing – the ability to tap into TiVo’s continuous innovation in entertainment discovery and license technologies from our extensive portfolio
  • Conversation Services – end-to-end, voice-based guidance allowing viewers to find content by speaking naturally
  • Video Metadata – leading metadata resource for international TV shows and movies 
  • Music Metadata – broad metadata coverage of millions of albums and tracks, from pop to classical and everything in between

Enjoy a range of benefits.

Streaming providers and digital media portals gain a great deal of value from their investment in TiVo, and can:

  • Maximize consumption.
  • Satisfy customers and increase retention.
  • Provide a seamless experience across platforms and devices.
  • Differentiate your service offerings.
  • Efficiently meet changing market demands.
  • Leverage a single, unified database for multiple regions and content types.

Experience the TiVo difference.

An industry innovator, TiVo has decades of experience shaping, designing and managing entertainment discovery. We’re unique in offering standards-based technologies that allow integration with third-party services and applications. And, our natural-language conversational capabilities allow consumers to learn more about movies, TV shows, music, celebrities and more using normal, everyday dialogue. Differentiate your services and transform your business with streaming and digital media portal solutions from TiVo.


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