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Keep pace with your subscribers.

Consumer viewing habits are constantly changing. Today, 68 percent of viewers reportedly “binge-watch” TV, and 90 percent are multitasking as they watch.1


1 Source: Deloitte, 2015

In addition, TV-related smartphone apps are growing in popularity, with the number of global users expected to reach 1.29 billion by 2018.2 To appeal to consumers and keep their business, TV service providers must adapt quickly to provide a consistent, engaging entertainment experience that supports popular content sources, devices and technologies.


2 Source: Parks Associates, Feb. 2014

Offer next-generation entertainment discovery — fast.

With TiVo, you can quickly deliver the advanced entertainment discovery experiences subscribers demand seamlessly across multiple screens and devices, in the way that’s right for your business. 

Available as end-to-end products, stand-alone APIs or licensed components, our solutions can help your subscribers more easily find content from traditional TV, on-demand or OTT sources, thanks to highly visual interfaces, dynamic and highly relevant recommendations and search results, and natural-language voice control.

Find the solution that’s right for your business.

TV service providers are dealing with significant challenges. With the prediction that one in five U.S. households will not subscribe to cable or satellite TV by 2018,3 solutions that address customer satisfaction and retention are critical. With TiVo, you can enhance and deploy branded and personalized services that reduce subscriber loss and address other industry pain points.


3 Source: eMarketer Report, Dec. 2015

Explore modular components.

Our TV service provider solutions are built on our flexible discovery technologies, products and services, which can be combined in countless ways to achieve your specific goals. Components include:

  • Classic Guide Solutions – enhanced program guides for digital cable providers, providing comprehensive TV listings, high-res graphics, intuitive search, and DVR and VOD capabilities
  • Cubiware Solutions – available in emerging markets to bring new video services to consumers quickly and cost-effectively    
  • Hybrid Solutions – bridge the gap between existing and next-gen infrastructure across devices with the sleek TiVo UI, unified search, personalized recommendations, SVOD apps and more
  • Full IPTV Solutions – the same advanced features as our hybrid solutions for providers ready for a completely internet-driven IP ecosystem
  • Video Metadata – leading metadata resource for international TV shows and movies 
  • Seamless Discovery – comprehensive discovery platform providing highly relevant search results, personalized recommendations, original editorial, natural voice recognition, dynamic carousels and more
  • Seamless Insight – analytics and reporting that can improve content discovery efforts, deliver targeted content promotions, and monitor and enhance viewer engagement
  • Technology Licensing – the ability to tap into TiVo’s continuous innovation in entertainment discovery and license technologies from our extensive portfolio
  • Professional Services – the resources, technologies and support to successfully deploy and maintain TiVo solutions

 Enjoy benefits that drive your business forward.

TiVo's solutions for TV service providers offer several benefits, including:

  • Differentiate your services.
  • Increase ARPU.
  • Generate incremental revenue.
  • Brand and personalize the experience.
  • Prioritize content to achieve business and partner goals.
  • Retain your subscribers.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Decrease operating and hardware costs.


Experience the TiVo difference.

An industry innovator and IPG pioneer, TiVo has decades of experience shaping, designing and managing entertainment discovery. TiVo is unique in offering standards-based technologies that allow integration with third-party services and applications. In addition, our natural-language conversational capabilities allow subscribers to discover content using normal, everyday dialogue. Differentiate your services and transform your business today with TV service provider solutions from TiVo.


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