Enabling Entertainment

The next generation of entertainment is here.

Building the ultimate entertainment experience.

In a fragmented media landscape where consumers are continually plagued by “content chaos,” entertainment brands are tasked with providing simple, seamless and personalized experiences. Through our groundbreaking digital entertainment technologies, TiVo enables them to provide intuitive user experiences tailored to individuals and situations, and bring together all of the great content available today. 

Dynamic entertainment metadata.

TiVo's extensive, comprehensive entertainment metadata catalog keeps up with trends, popularity, and TV and movie industry changes. With both artificial and human intelligence powering our metadata, we offer highly relevant, up-to-the-minute and context-aware search results, recommendations, program information and more.

Advanced search and discovery.

With TiVo’s advanced search capabilities, viewers can use multiple criteria, abbreviated phrases, nicknames and even abstract concepts to find entertainment. Our technology also recognizes and corrects spelling errors, narrows down search results as keywords are entered and supports natural-language, voice-activated queries.

Personalized recommendations.

TiVo is responsible for advancements in entertainment recommendations, thanks to a deep understanding of viewers as well as intelligence on what’s happening in the real world. Today, recommendations can be based on similar categories, trending topics, social network activity, context (e.g., time of day) and more.

Voice interfaces.

TiVo has made significant investments in the area of natural-language understanding and continues to develop interfaces that mirror the way people really think and talk about entertainment. Our conversational capabilities connect viewers with content even faster, allowing them to find and interact with TV shows, movies, and sporting events by speaking naturally.

The DVR.

The revolutionary ability to pause, fast forward, rewind and record live programming put TiVo – the original DVR – in homes across America and a place in pop culture history. Today, the DVR is more relevant than ever, with a growing list of capabilities – including whole-home and remote recording – and an intuitive, user-centered experience.

Mobile consumption of entertainment.

The consumption of entertainment content on mobile devices is no longer innovative; it’s expected. TiVo’s robust mobile offerings leverage meaningful, novel innovation across a variety of software platforms delivered to the consumer on the go. We aggressively invest in the latest mobile technologies that enable seamless consumption of streaming, live and recorded content from virtually anywhere. 

A better ad relationship for consumers.

TiVo’s technology is helping consumers see fewer irrelevant ads, and helping our partners promote on-demand content that subscribers are likely to purchase. Our analytics intelligence simultaneously improves the viewing experience for consumers and serves ad buyers and brands by connecting them in a customizable, targeted way with their key prospects. TiVo knows big data, and we are continuously putting it to work while protecting subscriber privacy.