Increasing engagement through entertainment technology.

From every room of the house to anywhere in the world, TiVo has a way for you to engage with consumers, whether you’re looking to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience or simply want to understand and target audiences better. We offer end-to-end solutions and flexible APIs that work in any environment to help you meet customer demands and improve business results.


Why top brands choose TiVo.

TiVo provides a highly engaging, visually-rich user interface – WIRED magazine counts TiVo among the top three companies worldwide who are “truly great at interface design.”* We have some of the best developers, engineers and editors in the industry, and our eyes are always on the future. We invest heavily in best-of-breed technologies and R&D, enabling us to create without limits. More than 500 pay-TV operators globally, including leading TV service providers in the U.S., are TiVo customers.

* WIRED, August 2010




Entertainment innovations and insights that fit your business.         

TiVo’s products and solutions are designed to grow with your business and evolve as the industry does. Primarily serving TV service providers, CE manufacturers, streaming companies, digital media portals, broadcasters, content producers and advertisers, we’re active in virtually every aspect of media and entertainment. Today, 168 million households around the world are entertained by TiVo technologies. Compatible with a range of set-top boxes and popular mobile devices and platforms, our innovations fall into four categories: user experienceadvanced search and recommendations, metadata, and analytics and advertising.

User Experience

Our user experience solutions enable quick, seamless access to the content your customers want most – live, recorded, on-demand and streaming – across their devices, all within the celebrated, immersive TiVo UI. Incorporating search, recommendations, personalization, metadata and mobile, we offer solutions for traditional cable, IPTV and hybrid environments, as well as emerging markets, to increase engagement with consumers, no matter what your needs might be.

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Advanced Search & Recommendations

TiVo leverages user behavior, dynamic metadata and voice recognition technology to provide highly intuitive content discovery. Tailored to each individual viewer and unique for every situation and moment, search results and recommendations are predictive, dynamic and highly relevant. Our solutions enable faster results while you gain deeper insight into audience behavior, allowing you to optimize content suggestions and services further.

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High-quality metadata services provide the foundation for intuitive search and navigation, enabling users to easily find and learn more about new and favorite TV shows, movies, music, celebrities, sports, books and games. TiVo’s Metadata Services offer original editorial and exciting features that increase consumer engagement and contribute to revenue. We cover 17 million TV shows and movies – available in over 70 countries – as well as 3 million albums, 32 million tracks, 400,000 sporting events, and much more. TiVo’s unique graph technology delivers dynamic, enhanced metadata to deepen discovery and engagement.

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Analytics & Advertising

TiVo's analytics solutions optimize targeted audience segments and predict advertising outcomes with software for TV inventory management, revenue management and measurement. We also offer in-guide advertising to reach audiences when they’re discovering content.

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