When it comes to activating guide inventory, TiVo’s Advertising is the undisputed leader. In addition to Guide Advertising, we also offer Sponsored Discovery, which leverages areas beyond the guide, including recommendations carousels, where viewers discover content and are truly engaged. TiVo’s Advertising is a unique and effective way to reach millions of households across entertainment providers and devices.


  • Activate one-of-a-kind inventory to get the most from your media plan. 
  • Gain post-campaign insights for a comprehensive view of media performance.
  • Drive tune-in to new shows and video-on-demand content.
  • Re-enable lapsed viewers to drive loyalty.
  • Target desirable viewers.

Inventory that goes beyond the guide. 

Our Advertising inventory offers unique ad placements where viewers search for entertainment content – from the guide and recommendations carousels to VOD menus and more. For content producers, this means additional audiences to watch your premieres, VOD openings and series finales. TiVo’s Advertising builds loyalty by pairing the right ads with the right content and viewer behaviors, supporting the discovery process and enhancing the entertainment experience.

Guide Advertising

Customizable and dynamic, TiVo’s Advertising allows you to:

• Boost linear or revenue-generating content, including premium channels or VOD titles.

• Deliver targeted promotions to different subsets of viewers.

• Make better use of existing inventory.

• Optimize your media plans throughout the campaign lifecycle.

Sponsored Discovery

Powered by TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery platform, Sponsored Discovery dynamically nestles ads in targeted recommendations carousels, streamlining choices for viewers and capturing their attention wherever they consume content. First-of-its-kind in the media space, this specialized inventory allows you to integrate relevant ads based on what your audience watches. These recommendations can help recover lapsed viewers and drive new customers to your valuable properties.  

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