TiVo One

A cross-screen ad platform strategy for accessing new inventory combined with audience targeting and monetization.


Reach Viewers on Every Screen with a Cross-Screen Strategy

Advertisers can connect with viewers where they are – from the home to the car.

Maximize Advertising Revenue

Shared advertising revenue opportunities to maximize earnings for partners.

Cross-Platform and Global Reach
  • TiVo One powers all TiVo platforms providing advertisers maximum reach and frequency across streaming, pay TV, smart TV and automotive.








Personalized Branded Experience
  • Enhanced graphic display combined with video and image expansion for maximum impact and engagement, driving directly to content consumers want.
  • Align promotions with consumers’ unique viewing preferences.










Precision Targeting
  • Boost content discovery and drive engagement and allow advertisers to target based on viewing audiences’ behaviors and profiles, while delivering on user privacy preferences with consent-first framework.
  • Pinpoint specific audiences using advanced data-driven capabilities for OTT & linear content.
  • Expand your reach to underexposed linear viewers and boost visibility with audience retargeting.






Advanced Measurement
  • Gain valuable insights with accurate campaign attribution across different channels and devices to make informed decisions. 
  • Precisely assess campaign effectiveness using TiVo’s exclusive ACR and set-top box viewership data.
  • Track, analyze and optimize campaigns in real-time, offering actionable insights to fine-tune your strategy for maximum ROI.