TiVo Xtend™ CTV

Extend Reach & Frequency With Data-Driven Targeting on CTV
Representative Linear TV Viewership Data for Targeted CTV Campaigns
  • 30+ Million Households
    Monthly active streamers reachable on CTV
  • First-Party Set-Top Box Data
    Second-by-second linear viewership behaviors
  • Device-Agnostic Delivery
    Deliver across any Smart TV or Streaming Device

Reach Underexposed Linear Viewers or Build Frequency With Custom CTV Activations

Execute a targeted CTV buy or complement your other CTV campaigns.

Reach targets underexposed or unexposed to linear TV.

Retarget exposed linear viewers for a sequential messaging strategy.

Target viewers of specific genres or dayparts in other content areas.

Increase the reach and add efficiency to your addressable TV campaigns.

Engage viewers exposed to competitors’ campaigns.

Promote tune-in to broadcast TV tentpoles and live events.

Capitalize on major TV events without the costly spend.

Drive reach for theatrical premieres and on-demand content.

Engage linear TV audiences as they stream premium content
  • 200+ Premium Channels
    Access best-in-class content
  • Non-Skippable Inventory​
    Full-screen, non-skippable takeovers​
  • Optimize Reach & Frequency
    Suppress specific apps or linear exposures
  • Measure What Matters
    Provide ad tags for third-party measurement


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