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Comprehensive metadata on millions of in-print and out-of-print titles.



TiVo provides one of the largest metadata repositories of information on literary works. Covering over 10 million in-print and out-of-print titles, it delivers content to help consumers locate the books they want, discover new authors and releases, and make the jump from book browsing to buying.



Our catalog includes top-line commercial metadata enhanced with annotations, review excerpts, links, detailed author biographies, fiction themes and genres, and non-fiction categories.



With rich, descriptive metadata created, compiled and edited by acknowledged experts in the field, TiVo enables businesses to increase revenue on books and related products, drive consumers to websites and social media, and sustain customer loyalty.


  • Offer descriptive metadata created, compiled and edited by subject-matter experts.
  • Drive discovery, incremental sales, sustained customer loyalty and browser-to-buyer conversion.
  • Incorporate enhancements, including annotations, reviews, fiction themes, non-fiction categories and author biographies.
  • Market and pre-sell titles prior to publication dates.
  • Enjoy a simplified implementation process for easy fulfillment.
  • Benefit from regular updates delivering timely and accurate metadata.

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