Games Metadata

Extensive video game metadata for novices and experts.

As gaming experiences evolve, so do consumer expectations. Gamers want immediate access to titles based on their genre and style preferences, as well as pertinent information about games in play.

With TiVo's games metadata, online stores, portals, service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers can meet the expectations of novice and expert gamers with some of the most complete, accurate and up-to-date video game information available.

A comprehensive video games database, TiVo's catalog covers more than 80,000 video games, with detailed descriptions, classifications, in-depth editorial reviews, cover images and screen shots, themes, trailers and relevant links to similar video titles.

Featuring hundreds of platforms and video games styles, our catalog also includes player specifications, supported peripherals, controls, credits, links, documentation, and expert and ESRB ratings. With TiVo, you can differentiate your offerings and drive revenue by increasing engagement with gamers.


  • Create visually rich, engaging gaming experiences.
  • Tap into TiVo's long-standing relationships with video game publishers and retailers.
  • Engage and inform gamers with detailed descriptions, game trailers and in-depth reviews.
  • Drive consumer purchasing through video game screenshots and box art.
  • Encourage customer loyalty through repeat visits.
  • Fuel continuous discovery and drive business results with increased up-selling opportunities.

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