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Real-time metadata to drive fans to the most exciting sporting events and games.

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Create engaging sports discovery experiences.

Sports has been described as the last category of “must-see-now” content. Because it’s extremely valuable to consumers and service providers alike, sports discovery experiences should be rich, satisfying and enhanced by the best metadata the industry has to offer. TiVo’s real-time sports metadata catalog fits the bill, fueling uniquely immersive content discovery that drives fans to the most thrilling and compelling sporting events. 

Sports metadata and more.

TiVo’s Sports Metadata covers the world’s most popular sporting events, including the Olympics, Formula 1, Grand Prix, tennis and golf. Just about all major professional leagues in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia are represented. Captured and streamlined from multiple sources, our vast sports metadata catalog offers up-to-the-minute information and dynamic metadata to enable interactive features, including real-time updates, rosters, rivalries, player profiles and game highlights. We are the leading global provider to link sports content with TV, movies, music, games and books to power the entire entertainment ecosystem.

Robust offerings.

In addition to sports, team and league information, full season schedules, game results, league standings, rosters and rivalries, elements of our sports metadata packages include:

  • Pre-, mid- and post-game excitement scores and rationales
  • Headline notifications for comebacks, close finishes, extra time & upsets
  • Team & league logos
  • Matchup images
  • Headshots & action shots for many active roster members
  • Real-time scores & schedule updates
  • Game-time rosters
  • Rivalries

Two distinct packages.

Both package levels offer increased user engagement by addressing distinct customer needs. Season Essentials enhances pre-game navigation with event details and high-quality athlete headshots/action shots for many active roster members. Game Dynamics uses unique algorithms and social signals for analyzing all game moments to deliver excitement ratings, live headlines, real-time scores and schedule updates. 

Engaging details and imagery to personalize sports experiences.

Season Essentials package elements include:

Core Sports Data

  • Full season schedules
  • Game results
  • League standing
  • Full team rosters
  • Teams & leagues translated into English (U.S. & U.K.), French, Italian, German & Spanish
  • Rivalries



  • Team & league logos
  • Matchup images
  • Player action shots (2)

Up-to-the-minute, game-changing info.

Game Dynamics package essentials include:

Excitement Data

  • Real-time game excitement scores (0-100)
  • Descriptive game headlines (e.g., comebacks, close finishes, extra time, upsets)
  • Normalized game excitement rationale (i.e., “Dud,” “OK,” “Great”)
  • Pre-, mid- and post-game data


Play-By-Play Data

  • Real-time game scores
  • Real-time game clock
  • Play type (i.e., three-pointer, rebound)
  • Play description


Knowledge graph.

TiVo's sports metadata catalog is powered by our unparalleled knowledge graph engine, the entertainment industry’s most robust source of highly dynamic and searchable metadata, which drives user engagement by connecting related entertainment content across various media types.

See a demo.

Find out how our dynamic metadata can be used to enhance sports discovery experiences. Watch the demo.


  • Avoid the overhead costs and time needed to maintain multiple sports metadata providers and ID systems by implementing our unified sports metadata.
  • Deliver immersive experiences using high-quality athlete headshots, action shots for many active roster members, team/league logos and unique matchup images.
  • Enable real-time schedule updates for live sporting events to adjust DVR settings so viewers never have to miss the end of games.
  • Drive usage and engage fans by using cross-referenced metadata that links the world of sports with other media, such as TV shows, movies, music, games and books.

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