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Make an impact with powerful information and imagery.

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With the explosion of original TV series and films as well as renewed interest in classic shows and movies, viewers have countless options for what to watch at any given moment. Make sure it’s your content or services they turn to, with TiVo Video Metadata. Our comprehensive, technology-based library includes information and high-res images on millions of TV shows, movies, live events, web series and celebrities, standardized and optimized for maximum engagement on every screen.

Relied on by top entertainment brands, Video Metadata covers the basic facts and beyond across live, recorded, on-demand and streaming content, and it includes relational links and deep descriptors for continuous discovery. Powered by our latest innovations and global network of editors, Video Metadata offers accuracy, breadth and depth. With TiVo, you can future-proof your video services and provide the highly visual experiences your customers want, with the results and reliability they demand.    


  • Simplify and speed the discovery and purchase of a wider
    selection of entertainment. 
  • Display the best quality imagery, regardless of screen.
  • Help ensure reliable time-shifting with the very latest
    schedule data.
  • Maximize your resources and streamline operations.

Enhance the experience on every screen.

Today’s viewers have little patience for inaccurate information, poor search results, irrelevant recommendations, missing images, broken links, misunderstood voice queries or incomplete recordings. TiVo Video Metadata helps ensure you avoid all of these issues thanks to our unique ID system, thorough matching process, core technology and constant updates. With TiVo, descriptions are full, search results and recommendations are relevant – even when surfaced by voice assistants – and catch-up TV is seamless.

Turn browsers into buyers.

Video Metadata creates an immersive, engaging experience your customers will want to return to again and again. Offering a wider selection of content plus personalized recommendations, you can more easily promote titles from your catalog or support sponsored content to increase viewership. We link from our video metadata to other categories – music (soundtracks, actors/artists), books (“based on the novel”), games – presenting additional opportunities across media types.

Metadata expertise.

Managing metadata is a complex business – let TiVo handle the process for you. With decades of experience, we know how to deal with multiple sources and make their data work for your content or service. We can also help your business operate more smoothly by reducing service call volume, since our constantly-updated schedule information helps ensure correct, complete recordings wherever they’re stored.

Tap into technology that drives growth.

Only TiVo uses an entertainment graph to continuously refine and optimize millions of pieces of entertainment-related data. It creates relevant, meaningful connections, dramatically improving search and discovery. And, we leverage machine learning to conduct multiple graph tasks simultaneously, furthering efficiency and speed. Our technology and scalable global editorial network allow you get to market faster and mobilize in new regions.

Flexible options for deployment.

We offer competitively priced packages and add-on services for:

  • Cable and streaming services
  • Smart TVs, mobile devices and voice assistants
  • Entertainment and retail websites
  • Automotive entertainment
  • Content owners and distributors

Delivered via API or FTP download, TiVo Video Metadata is compatible with multiple platforms and devices, including legacy infrastructure and IP delivery.