Video Metadata

Leading metadata resource for TV shows, movies and sporting events around the world.

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With TiVo's Video Metadata, you can make it easier for your customers to find and enjoy entertainment across their devices and video services, including linear TV, VOD and over-the-top content. With original editorial, millions of dynamic, cross-media connections and premium imagery, Video Metadata is essential to delivering the ultimate entertainment experience.


  • Incorporate descriptive metadata to power advanced search and recommendations.
  • Leverage an industry-standard ID structure that facilitates implementation.
  • Support global needs with localized metadata, images and trailers from multiple regions in a single database.
  • Improve merchandising by organizing and prioritizing content based on popularity and buzz.
  • Integrate engaging features, such as celebrity photos, trailers, social media links, critic ratings, OTT links and more.


Video Metadata covers millions of TV shows, movies and sporting events; provides descriptive information on theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray releases and offers celebrity details and imagery. Available across the globe, Video Metadata provides comprehensive, deep coverage and includes rich media and unique enhancements designed to engage and satisfy today’s viewers. 

Graph Technology

Powered by TiVo's graph technology, with advanced machine-learning innovation plus expert human curation, you can quickly surface trending content to maximize related assets, improve search and recommendations, and support voice-powered results.


Video Metadata is available in a variety of flexible packages: Inform, Discover, Discover Plus and Experience. Accessible via APIs or FTP download, Video Metadata supports localized metadata and includes a vast library of images and resolutions/sizes. Whether you require basic TV listings, links to OTT content or graphically rich metadata to support next-gen guides or entertainment websites, TiVo can help you differentiate your products and drive customer engagement.