The leader in entertainment metadata innovation and expertise.

Accurate, in-depth TiVo Metadata covers TV, movies, sports, celebrities and music, and powers local TV listings, cable networks, streaming apps, automotive infotainment systems, music websites and more. 






Drive engagement with content on every device.

Immersive and engaging.

High-res imagery, relational links and deep descriptors bring fans closer to entertainment.

Technology-driven to deepen discovery.

Only TiVo uses an entertainment graph to continuously refine and optimize millions of pieces of entertainment-related data.

Standardized and integrated.

Adapt quickly and prepare for the future with TiVo Metadata powering your products and services.

Flexible deployment options.

Delivered via API or FTP download, TiVo Metadata supports multiple platforms, legacy infrastructure and IP delivery.

Video Metadata

Make an impact with powerful information and imagery.


Technology-driven TiVo Video Metadata provides accurate, comprehensive information and imagery on millions of TV shows, movies, and sporting events across TV, VOD, and OTT.

Standardized and delivered via API or FTP download, TiVo Video Metadata is ready to power VOD menus, entertainment websites, smart car interfaces, and voice assistants, as well as local TV listings and interactive program guides.


TiVo’s offers several different Video Metadata packages that:

  • Attract new customers and provide the best experience with factual info and imagery to power faster discovery.
  • Give your customers up to a 21-day lead on their entertainment experience.
  • Drive engagement and purchases with deeper coverage and celebrity images.
  • Verify previous programming data and airdates.



Deep Discovery

Create a more relevant viewing experience.


TiVo offers Deep Descriptors, a unique set of metadata that describes the emotional, thematic, and aesthetic qualities of an individual program by providing mood, tone, and theme tags.

These descriptors enable advertisers to better target their ads to audiences with not only the right demographics but also to those with the right psychographic profile and viewers who are currently watching the desired content to receive the advertiser’s carefully crafted messages.


In an A/B test that compared carousels organized by TiVo’s Deep Descriptors:

  • Deep Descriptor driven carousels had a 19% higher conversion rate than those organized by traditional genres.
  • Deep Descriptor driven carousels had a 27% higher conversion rate than those editorialized.
  • Content found in Deep Descriptor driven carousels was viewed 13% longer than content discovered via traditional genre carousels.





Music Metadata

Set the soundtrack for music fans’ defining moments.


TiVo Music Metadata is built on the libraries of AMG, Muze, Veveo, and Rovi. It allows customers to differentiate their offerings, increase usage and drive downloads and purchases with artist bios, reviews, related editorial content, song samples, music videos, and social media links.


With TiVo Metadata:

  • Go beyond basic descriptions. Differentiate your offerings, increase usage and drive downloads and purchases with artist bios, reviews, related editorial content, song samples, music videos and social media links.
  • Expand your audience. Grow your user base and revenue opportunities with extras, including improved playlisting, personalized recommendations and voice experiences.
  • Optimize your back catalog. Enhance discovery experiences by replenishing missing, incomplete or incorrect metadata.
  • Deliver superior data. Offer accurate information on artists, producers, composers and associated music tracks – all powered by TiVo’s standardized ID structure.
  • Support unique ways to create meaningful, personalized playlists.
“TiVo continues to prove how their expertise and diligence can deliver the metadata solution we need.”
Valia Merino, Managing Partner, Optiva Media


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