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Deep Discovery

Create a more relevant viewing experience.


Drive viewership.

Live implementations increased click-to-view by up to two times* – from cold start to driving loyalty, with highly engaging, emotionally relevant content rails.

Reduce churn.

TiVo consumers with high average kids’ content consumption and engagement with personalization have 67 percent lower churn*.




*TiVo internal study, 2019

Increase engagement.

Recommendations enriched with Deep Discovery datasets saw a 6 percent lift* in conversions in 112+ million More Like This rails.

Qualitative descriptors.

Drive highly relevant recommendations with editorially produced Moods, Tones, Themes and Time Periods.




Machine-learned datasets.

Continuously create new content relationships at scale with machine-generated Topics, Weighted Keywords and Global Popularity Scores.



Age descriptors.

Improve how you merchandise and monetize youth-oriented content with age-appropriate descriptors for kids’ zones and editorially or dynamically created rails.


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Deep Discovery


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Deep Discovery