A revolutionary approach to entertainment discovery.

Connect viewers with entertainment.

Improve the way you deliver content to your customers and their paths to finding desired programming across devices.   

Create engaging, personalized content experiences.

Enhance your offerings with highly relevant search results, customized recommendations carousels and natural voice recognition.

Actionable insights.

Leverage consumer insights to fine-tune your offerings.   

Flexible implementation and deployment options.

Choose from four modules supporting cross-platform entertainment discovery.

Search & Recommendations

Uncover a revolutionary approach to entertainment discovery.


Search & Recommendations provides viewers with highly relevant, personalized search results and viewing recommendations to drive viewer engagement and satisfaction.

  • Industry-leading personalization based on viewer preferences and behaviors.
  • Search that supports a variety of options and filtering functionality.
  • Targeted content promotions and improved engagement.
  • Predictive, dynamic and highly relevant so viewers can get to their favorite content faster than ever before.

Simplify the entertainment experience with a free-flowing voice search.


Conversation is a module within TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform that gets viewers to the content they want faster through natural, conversational dialogue.

  • Search functionality using free-flowing conversational dialogue.
  • Highly relevant results and recommendations.
  • Enables more engaging, personalized entertainment discovery experiences for viewers.

Make impactful, data-driven decisions based on cross-platform viewing.


Insight, a module within TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform, offers analytics and reporting to improve entertainment discovery, deliver targeted content promotions, and monitor and enhance viewer engagement.


Access a powerful platform that:

  • Predicts audience behavior, enhances content discovery, and offers vital performance insights.
  • Provides you with an award-winning content experience and insight into predictive views and performance.
  • Delivers the ability to segment channels and personalization on a global scale, growing your audience and elevating your content.


“With TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery platform, we are able to strengthen our search and recommendation capabilities as well as provide superior voice search using free-flowing conversational dialogue. Combined, these capabilities give us the intelligence and aptitude to tailor and transform the content discovery experience for our customers.”
Miguel Rodrigues, Head of TV Development, Vodafone


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