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Make impactful, data-driven decisions based on cross-platform viewing.


Understand today’s viewers.

Turn viewer interactions into invaluable information.

Promote greater engagement.

Gain insight into content discovery implementation. 

Monitor UI/UX effectiveness.

Build the foundation for delivering a better consumer experience.

Streamline monetization efforts.

Access merchandising campaign tracking. 

Comprehensive data analysis.

Insight, a module within TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform, offers analytics and reporting to improve entertainment discovery, deliver targeted content promotions, and monitor and enhance viewer engagement. 




An end-to-end approach.

Insight comprises multiple modules that leverage cross-platform data analytics to understand UI/UX performance, monitor conversion rates and track views, recordings and purchases.




Customer segmentation.

TiVo’s Insight provides univariate and/or multivariate A/B experiments for content promotions, package promotions and UI/UX testing. 




Intelligence you can measure.

Insight provides key performance indicators (KPIs) that fuel data-driven decisions and answer providers’ frequently asked questions.    





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