Invaluable insight.

In an entertainment landscape where audiences are spread across a wide variety of platforms and devices, broadcasters, content producers, service providers, programmers and advertisers must constantly observe and understand their viewers’ interactions across platforms to make informed, data-driven decisions. 



Improved viewer experiences.

Seamless Insight®, designed to work directly with TiVo’s Seamless Discovery entertainment discovery engine, delivers analytics and reporting that can improve content discovery efforts, deliver targeted content promotions, and monitor and enhance viewer engagement. With Seamless Insight, customers can maximize opportunities to reach target audiences and make sure viewers are finding their desired content across devices. Additionally, providers can gauge subscriber trust in their content recommendations, and determine which promotions and offers should be tested, executed and tracked.

Comprehensive understanding.

Seamless Insight consists of multiple modules that can leverage cross-platform data analytics to:

·         Understand UI/UX performance by tracking adoption by platform and viewers’ overall engagement with each platform.

·         Track the success of subscriber content discovery efforts.

·         Gain comprehensive intelligence on content discovery use cases through session tracking by clicks and duration.

·         Monitor conversion rates by identifying UI/UX elements that can optimize the viewer experience.

·         Track views, recordings and purchases to better understand the efficacy of premium-content campaigns and other marketing efforts.

Customer segmentation.

Seamless Insight provides univariate and/or multivariate A/B experiments for content promotions, package promotions and UI/UX testing. It enables segmentation based on viewer history, behavior and multiple other relevant data sources. Video service providers can, in real-time, understand the impact of each test variable by device, product offering, date, time of day and conversion rates. 

Intelligence you can measure.

Seamless Insight also provides key performance indicators (KPIs) that fuel data-driven decisions, simplify analytic ambiguities and help enable audience understanding. Leveraging these KPIs allows you to determine which data are most valuable, which data can be de-emphasized, and which insights and trends should be reviewed on a regular basis.

Bring business goals within reach through the powerful cross-platform reporting and analytics of Seamless Insight.

Seamless Insight delivers multiple perspectives to turn viewer interactions into invaluable information, benefitting both service providers and their subscribers.



  • Leverage viewership data and metrics on consumer behavior.
  • Gain insight into content discovery implementation for greater engagement.
  • Access merchandising campaign tracking for more efficient monetization efforts.
  • Monitor UI/UX effectiveness to build the foundation for a better consumer experience.