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Search & Recommendations

Highly relevant, personalized search results and viewing recommendations to drive viewer engagement and satisfaction.


Improve the overall TV experience.

Offer personalized capabilities, enhanced by leveraging viewer behavior.

Leverage a sandbox environment.

Facilitate experimentation and testing prior to launching new features or offerings.

Unified Data Service.

Easily integrate multiple metadata feeds.

Create new ways to drive revenue and value.

Address common industry challenges and unique business goals.

Personalized discovery.

TiVo supports a wide variety of personalized discovery experiences, including personalized search and recommendations, predictive results, popular and trending content, and more. 



Conversational search capabilities.

When integrated with the Voice module, TiVo’s Search delivers personalized results based on viewers’ spoken requests, such as “Turn on my favorite show,” and “What’s on tonight?” Viewers can even control future recordings on their personal video recorder (PVR). 



Seamless integration and flexible deployment.

Search is compatible with nearly all CE devices and data. This compatibility, along with flexible functionality for service providers and their subscribers, creates a powerful and versatile entertainment discovery engine.



Recommendations that engage viewers.

TiVo is known for design expertise and industry-leading user experiences, and our recommendations carousels are no exception. 




Personalized carousels.

Grouping favorite shows, genres, interests — or even actors and directors — into personalized carousels lets viewers quickly find desired content, driving consumption and increasing platform engagement.





Business customization.

Recommendations also includes Business Console, an integration tool that provides additional layers of customization to:

  • Boost linear or revenue-generating content, including premium channels or VOD titles
  • Execute offer-management programs
  • Deliver targeted promotions to different subsets of viewers



Simplified data aggregation.

With TiVo’s Unified Data Service, TV service providers, CE manufacturers, content providers and second-screen applications can power unparalleled personalized discovery based on popularity, mood, favorite sports/teams and more by accessing viewer behavioral information. 





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