Simplify the entertainment experience with free-flowing voice search.


Natural-language understanding.

Interpret voice commands and requests, and support natural dialogue and interaction with 10,000+ Smart Responses.

Minimize confusion.

Understand ambiguous language and keep up when topics change, or pronouns are used.


Help ensure relevant search results and recommendations through context-aware conversations.


Customize responses to fit your business. (e.g., “Record to DVR,” “Add to queue,” “Turn on TV”)

Personalize the entertainment experience.

Conversation, a module within our Personalized Discovery Platform, gets viewers to the content they want even faster through natural, conversational dialogue. 




A faster way to find entertainment.

Simply asking “What’s on TV tonight?” surfaces the top 10 TV shows most likely to be of interest to the user. Results are narrowed further based on context.




Bringing it all together.

Conversation supports linear TV, VOD and OTT programming, and recognizes active subscriptions, only displaying available results. 




Unique TiVo technology at its core.

Powered by machine learning, our entertainment graph creates relevant, meaningful connections, dramatically improving discovery.






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2019 Connected TV Summit Debrief: The Case for Voice Search

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From Voice Commands to Natural Conversations

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