Facing immense change.

Over the past few years, how people find and enjoy entertainment has changed dramatically, and video is no exception. TV service providers and device manufacturers have felt pressure from “cord-cutters,” “cord-shavers” and “cord-nevers” to provide more for less, and even change business models as video revenues come under pressure. Broadcasters and networks are also grappling with how to improve their consumer relationships and track viewers as they move from screen to screen using a bevy of new apps and other options.

A trusted partner and industry leader.

With decades of deep industry experience, TiVo can help you accelerate the changes necessary to retain and grow your customer base with consideration for existing infrastructure. TiVo’s integrated user experience solutions, rooted in our legacy of entertainment innovation, can give you the tools to not only adapt quickly to this new landscape, but also differentiate your offerings and increase customer engagement.




End-to-end solutions to suit any environment.

We provide an intuitive user interface, hardware, multi-screen functionality and back-end services, including metadata, search and recommendations that support video on demand (VOD), mobile apps, streaming and more. Our solutions are designed to enable basic functionality as well as next-gen capabilities so you can create the entertainment experience that’s right for your business.



A user interface with beauty and brains.

Millions of consumers interact with TiVo technologies every day, and we pride ourselves on our visionary product design and execution. Known for a truly beautiful user interface – rich in information, imagery and functionality – TiVo can help you immerse viewers in the entertainment they want to experience and get them to the content they want quickly through highly relevant, personalized search results and recommendations. 





Find the solution that’s right for you.

TiVo’s classic guide solutions can help you optimize your existing digital cable infrastructure. Cubiware solutions are available in emerging markets to bring new services to consumers quickly and cost-effectively. Our hybrid solutions bridge the gap between cable networks and internet-delivered services. And, our full IPTV solutions allow you to bring the latest features and highest level of personalization to your customers. All of our solutions are configurable to fit your brand and business goals.

Classic Guide Solutions

For digital cable TV service providers, TiVo offers enhanced interactive program guides powered by our descriptive metadata, providing comprehensive TV listings, high-res graphics, intuitive search, DVR and VOD capabilities, and more.

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Cubiware Solutions

Available in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, TiVo’s Cubiware solutions help TV service providers speed the introduction of new services and maximize the value of their existing hardware, including low-cost set-top boxes, allowing them to incorporate program guides, DVR, recommendations and other features.

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Hybrid Solutions

With TiVo’s hybrid solutions, TV service providers can bridge the gap between existing and next-gen infrastructure. Powered by our cloud-based video interface software, our hybrid solutions provide a consistent experience across devices and feature the sleek TiVo UI; the ability to search across linear TV, VOD and OTT sources; personalized recommendations; popular SVOD apps and more. And with insight into viewer behavior, you can experiment with and optimize services along the way.

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Full IPTV Solutions

For providers ready to make the switch to a completely internet-driven IP ecosystem, take advantage of greater flexibility and launch new services quickly with TiVo’s full IPTV solutions. With our full IPTV solutions, you can deploy the same advanced features available for hybrid environments in a way that fits your schedule and budget. Without the potential limitations of legacy infrastructure, you can get to market faster and more efficiently.

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