Today’s viewers want entertainment on their own terms – on TVs and laptops, as well as on tablets and smartphones. This reality means pay-TV operators must offer seamless, unified experiences across devices, in a way that’s operationally efficient to manage. TiVo for Mobile, part of our Next-Gen Platform, helps operators meet these demands for multi-screen access by introducing a superior, future-proof video experience on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.


Powered by cloud-based TiVo Service™ and running our award-winning TiVo Experience, TiVo for Mobile drives engagement with a stunning, intuitive design optimized for smaller screens. It offers a full suite of IPTV features plus advanced capabilities, such as hyper-personalization and conversational voice control.*  Flexible and scalable, TiVo for Mobile is designed to maximize operational efficiency and is available as both a standalone and STB-companion app.


  • Offer the stunning TiVo Experience on mobile devices: Bring viewers market-leading features, such as personalization, unified search and recommendations, and universal voice control*, as well as the highly appealing, image-rich design they expect from TiVo, optimized for Apple iOS and Google Android tablets and smartphones. 
  • Tap into cloud power with TiVo Service: Gain speed and accuracy with TiVo Service powering the UX, IPTV features, software provisioning, service management, and back-office and third-party integration. 
  • Continuously innovate and stay ahead of the industry: Benefit from TiVo's continuously evolving roadmap to stay ahead of global trends and consumer demands. Easily deploy and manage updates and features with service management and control tools. 
  • Drive engagement with a full suite of IPTV services: Launch next-gen features at web speed, including IP Linear, IPVOD, Start-Over, Catch-Up and nDVR. 
  • Seamlessly support multiple use cases: Launch TiVo for Mobile as a standalone application designed for primary video consumption and/or a companion app to set-top box deployments. 




Standalone and Companion Modes
Standalone and companion modes support multiple use cases in the home. Use as standalone with cloud-powered IPTV apps decoupled from the set-top-box or as a companion application, coupled with the set-top-box, supporting streaming of live content and recorded entertainment from the DVR. Or, enable both scenarios by combining cloud-powered content consumption, as well as companion features coupled with the set-top-box.

Universal Search and Browse
Allow users to seamlessly search and browse across linear, on-demand, DVR and OTT content in a universal entertainment hub.

Conversational Voice Control
Get users to content even faster by allowing them to search using free-flowing conversational dialogue.*

What to Watch
Enable users to take recommendations to a deeper level by offering sub-categories to find great entertainment.

My Shows
Provide a list of programming that includes both recordings and streaming options.

Channel Guide
Channel Guide provides quick access to the channel lineup. Users can choose a program-centric view or a channel-centric view, and navigate by date, time, favorite channels and more.

Collect every available episode of a viewer’s favorite programming across sources.

IPTV Suite of Solutions
Bring IP Linear, IPVOD, Start-Over, Catch-Up and nDVR to Apple iOS and Google Android devices.


* Conversational voice capabilities coming soon.

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