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TV Viewership Data

Accurate, deterministic and extensive linear and non-linear TV data.


Trustworthy TV data.

A deterministic and authoritative dataset across TiVo’s viewing universe.

National coverage.

3+ million active households and coverage in all 210 DMAs, updated daily and constantly growing.

Information you can use.

Anonymized STB return-path data, including live and time-shifted TV viewing.

API accessible.

Flexible APIs allow access to your exposed and unexposed branded TV ads across channels. 

Actionable audience insights.
  • Improve your media plans and research
  • Power machine-learning and AI applications
  • Segmentation, retargeting, analytics and attribution
Confidence in transparency.
  • Anonymized return-path data 
  • Easy transferability between media platforms
  • Flexible APIs allow you to easily integrate your data
Power your business with ease.
  • Measure your campaign activity
  • Optimize data science solutions
  • Power media planning and buying



TV Viewership Data



Data & Advertising

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Exposed & Unexposed TV Viewership Data