The wait for trustworthy TV data is over. TiVo offers TV Viewership Data, a truly deterministic and authoritative dataset across our viewing universe, to help you differentiate your products and platforms, optimize your data science solutions and power your media planning and buying. High-quality, consistent and transparent, our database is growing at a breakneck speed to compete with a fast-paced industry. 


  • Consistent dataset of 2.7 million active households, updated daily.
  • National coverage in all 210 DMAs.
  • Clickstream tuning events, including live and DVR viewing
  • Built on the systems you already use, like AWS.
  • Household-level data ready to be formed into big ideas.
  • TiVo Universal Content ID system for maximum versatility and privacy compliance.

Quality data for quality results.

TV Viewership Data easily integrates into your data ecosystem, giving you everything you need to accomplish your most ambitious initiatives – from improving media plans to powering machine-learning and artificial intelligence applications. Advertisers can leverage the data in-house for segmentation, retargeting, analytics and attribution.

Trustworthy and Transparent.

With TV Viewership Data, you can have confidence in compliance. We anonymize return-path data to create a robust database of TV viewership. Our database is built on TiVo Universal Content IDs for easy transferability between media platforms.

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