TiVo's award-winning on-screen user experience is now even more powerful and personalized. Our visually stunning, intuitive design gets viewers to the series and movies they want to see faster than ever before, immersing them in their content on their favorite devices. Whether content is live, recorded, on-demand or streaming, search results and recommendations are unified across sources, hyper-personalized based on viewing habits and context, and enhanced using our market-leading conversational voice control. TiVo Experience 4 captivates viewers in a way that drives engagement and builds loyalty.


  • Reduce subscriber churn: Provide more value to viewers across their devices with a hyper-personalized, unified experience including viewing "predictions" across TV and streaming sources. 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Simplify and speed access to content with highly relevant recommendations and search results, powered by conversational voice. 
  • Drive engagement and loyalty: In a visually stunning, highly appealing experience, immerse viewers in the entertainment they want, when and where they want it. 
  • Monetize the experience: Enhance the stickiness of your service and help monetize with an increased focus on VOD transactions, DVR take-rates and broadband upsell. 




Conversational voice control

Powered by natural-language understanding technology and machine learning, TiVo’s voice command and control capabilities allow for conversational dialogue to find and watch content, dramatically simplifying the discovery process. Viewers can simply say “What’s on tonight?” or “Find me that movie about the circus” and receive a list of relevant options available to watch or stream. Our technology interprets everyday language and personalizes results based on viewing history, time of day, day of the week, what’s trending and more.

Favorite TiVo features on display

TiVo's SmartBar® predicts what viewers want to watch based on the time and day, and makes the content accessible from the Home screen. What to Watch enables them to browse categories, such as Action, Romance and College Football, which contain both linear and OTT recommendations ranked by viewing habits, so relevant options are front and center. QuickView™ displays content available on different channels while the current program continues in the background, giving viewers the information they want without interrupting the full-screen experience.

Universal search and recommendations

TiVo Experience 4 is a one-stop entertainment hub with favorite shows, search results and recommendations spanning live, recorded, on-demand and streaming content. OnePass™ adds speed and convenience by collecting episodes of a viewer’s favorite programming across content sources. And, with search results weighted by viewer preferences and behaviors, and hyper-personalized recommendations that take context into account, TiVo Experience 4 helps ensure viewers spend more time enjoying entertainment instead of searching for it.

Seamless entertainment across screens

With TiVo Experience 4, provide a beautiful, image-rich user design optimized for viewers’ favorite devices. From the TV to tablets to smartphones and more, the experience follows viewers wherever they want to watch, keeping them using your service and driving engagement with the intuitive navigation, intelligence and ease of use they’ve come to expect from TiVo. Cutting-edge multi-screen entertainment is a competitive differentiator that supports retention.

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