TiVo offers Analytics & Attribution, reporting solutions that ensure your ads are placed where your targets tune in. Whether you’re referencing past behavior or want to activate on viewership predictions, TiVo is your trusted partner in allowing you to be better informed. Know what your audiences are watching now, and where they go when they watch something new. 


  • Reporting against 2.7 million active households.
  • Viewership matched at the household level, so you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Geographic representation of the nationwide market. 
  • Activation against second-by-second data.
  • Best-in-class attribution studies based on tune-in
  • Access to sought-after verticals like CPG, retail, auto, pharma and QSR.

Evaluation across virtually any KPI.

Analytics & Attribution can solve for a variety of pre- and post-planning needs related to your advertising campaign. Our automated and custom reporting tools allow you to make smarter, more informed decisions that directly link back to campaign KPIs. TiVo can also help you activate on a variety of custom analyses such as campaign impact on purchase or visitation, incremental purchase, cross-platform lift, media attribution, sales lift and TV tune-in. 

Insights throughout the campaign lifecycle. 

With Analytics & Attribution, evaluate the efficiency of the networks you’ve purchased and identify incremental opportunities for unpurchased networks. We provide analytics outside standard demographics and find targets across contextual attributes.

Reports you can activate now.

· Audience Ranker – An effective tool for improving ad campaign performance; build targets based on viewing behavior, brand preferences and purchasing habits.

· Reach and Frequency – Determines a campaign’s reach across key customer targets, multiple targets and/or total households.

· Audience Retention – Analyzes the holding power of an ad based on individual ad exposure; retention metrics by network, program, day of the week, daypart, pod position and/or creative execution.

· Attribution – Measures campaign sales impact via exposure and linking to purchase, visitation and other campaign KPIs.

· Custom – The unique metrics you need with custom reports from TiVo.

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