DTA Guide

Interactive program guide for DTAs in the all-digital home.

Easing the transition to next-gen services.

As cable operators introduce more HD channels and plan for future services, placing Digital Terminal Adapters (DTAs) in cable homes has become an important step to efficiently allocate bandwidth. Our DTA Guide eases this transition and enhances the experience for consumers by offering cable subscribers the benefits of an interactive program guide (IPG).

Features that add value for subscribers.

In addition to the IPG – “a necessity” for many viewers, according to usability research – our DTA Guide also provides subscribers with detailed program information for their channel line-ups, access to parental controls and support for multiple languages.

Increasing customer satisfaction.

TiVo's DTA Guide can increase customer satisfaction for millions of basic subscribers. It's an ideal tool to enable the value-added guide experience for your full customer base.


  • Increase subscriber satisfaction and drive retention by bringing a convenient TV guidance solution into homes with analog TVs.
  • Present a full-screen grid with a 90-minute view of TV listings by time, instant program information and color-coding by program type.
  • Support multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Maximize your investment in digital services and devices.
  • Offer features like detailed program information and parental controls.