Leveraging big data insights and advanced advertising.

TV networks, service providers, programmers and advertisers face complex challenges in understanding and targeting their audiences and customers. In a dense but fractured media landscape, optimizing campaigns by audience and making business decisions based on actual consumer behaviors are critical to success.


TiVo is at the forefront of developing audience targets by analyzing set-top box data with consumer first-party, digital, purchase and location data. Our analytics software and solutions leverage big data to uncover behavioral patterns and provide predictive, actionable insights to maximize TV inventory and services revenue. 

Our syndicated and custom research and reporting capabilities include solutions for planning and measuring programming, sales and tune-in. We analyze viewing data at a 1:1 level to purchase data, online behavior, healthcare claims and custom client data. And, as consumers look for content and make their entertainment choices, TiVo’s advanced in-guide advertising is uniquely positioned to reach them and capture their attention.

Ad Sales Analytics

TiVo’s audience management system empowers advertising inventory owners to improve advertiser performance by selling custom audiences that are scalable and relevant. Built on our media and sales research analysis tools, it uses viewership data to evaluate, differentiate and extract more value from TV inventory.

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Promo Analytics

TiVo’s promo analytics solutions give TV networks and programmers the tools to manage the full lifecycle of promotional advertising campaigns – from target definition and media planning across all placements to media scheduling, execution and tune-in conversion management. We provide customized tune-in analytics to help ensure delivery of viewer targets.

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Data Services

TiVo offers data partners across platforms and verticals syndicated or custom insights on TV viewership, digital reach and advertising impact.

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Operator Services

Operator Insights unlocks the value of return-path data (RPD) and provides a simple business intelligence portal that delivers actual viewership and usage details. Ready for immediate analysis and action in the portal, the RPD data can benefit an operator’s marketing, programming and operational initiatives.

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Advertising Services

Monetize internet-connected offerings and complement traditional ad buys with TiVo's in-guide advertising. With access to millions of households, TiVo is a leader in home advertising. We deliver consistent interactive display and video experiences to consumers when they are highly receptive.

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