Ad Sales Analytics

Increase the value of inventory.

A leader in developing audience targets.

TiVo’s state-of-the-art audience management solutions and research tools allow ad sellers to track plans and adjust targets in real time. Our Audience Management Platform enables data-driven TV planning using first-party data, third-party consumer data and multiple sources of panel and set-top box viewership. Our analytics products give advertisers tools for planning campaigns and measuring ROI.

Audience Management Platform (AMP).

TiVo’s Audience Management Platform empowers inventory owners to sell custom audiences that improve advertiser performance and are scalable and relevant. It leverages an end-to-end predictive analytics engine which processes raw data from millions of set-top boxes, panel sources and third-party consumer data to identify specialized audience segments and forecast viewership. Inventory owners can then use AMP to build and execute audience-based media plans to reach those segments and optimize the value of their TV inventory while improving operational efficiency.


Media TRAnalytics.

Our web-based research tool produces reports to measure custom audience targets in networks, dayparts and programs for a quick, convenient look at advertising opportunities. These reports help simplify the planning and measurement of programming, sales and TV tune-in.


Sales Lift Analytics.

We provide a full breadth of ROI and lift analytics – from automated reports in Media TRAnalytics to data accessible via self-service portal – where our clients can do their own information and reporting analysis.



  • Build and execute audience-based media plans.
  • Enjoy fully integrated, end-to-end media planning and delivery, including custom, optimized media plan proposals.
  • Increase the value of audiences and extend advertiser reach.
  • Maximize inventory and revenue across multiple channels.
  • Leverage a data-agnostic application, drawing from lifestyle, billing, viewership and behavioral data.
  • Improve business performance through closed-loop post-analysis.
  • Measure audience and reach.
  • Access optional support for programmatic buying interfaces.