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Advertise in the guide and watch your numbers grow.

Consumers are spending more time with more media, across devices. With fragmented TV viewing and so many content options, it takes more time for consumers to find something to watch than ever before. Advanced advertising with TiVo is uniquely positioned to reach consumers as they look for content and capture their attention as they make entertainment choices.


Our ad capabilities allow advertisers, agency planners and buyers, content providers and marketers to reach consumers in “search and discover mode,” when they are highly receptive to advertising. TiVo's interactive display ads appear as content choices in smart TV user interfaces/applications as well as the interactive program guide (IPG). This ideal placement makes our advanced advertising a perfect complement to today’s TV media buys.

With more than 20 years of experience executing advanced advertising, we can help you align your campaign elements to drive awareness and revenue. With viewers numbering in the millions and ads creating billions of impressions, TiVo can help you reach a growing audience of receptive consumers where entertainment decisions are made.

Advanced advertising.

Our interactive banner ads in the guide and other interfaces have the ability to drive instant research on products and services, as well as live and C3 (ratings for average live commercial minutes plus total DVR playback out to three days after) tune-in. Optimally placed and providing significant share of voice, the ads lead consumers to longer-form branded content or rich-media branded destinations. Advanced advertising with TiVo is available in the U.S., Canada and other global markets.


Receptive viewers.

With inventory in service provider IPGs and on connected TVs and Blu-ray players, TiVo reaches consumers while they are searching for something new to watch. Viewers notice ads and find them valuable. Your ads can be their content choice.


Ad insights.

With multi-platform campaigns, it’s hard to measure success using conventional methods. Our advertising capabilities include a robust analytics engine that allows us to provide detailed reports on campaign performance. With one of the largest samples of return-path data from set-top boxes plus census-level information from digital devices, advertising with TiVo provides proof of performance and campaign diagnostics.



  • Gain ideal placement in the popular and frequently used IPG: 68 percent of households use the guide daily with an average of 27 visits totaling 16 minutes a day.*
  • Drive awareness and engagement with interactive banners, branded destinations and video ads that appear as content choices.
  • Simplify campaign management and minimize impact to resources with our signature 360° Service: unified planning, buying, scheduling, reporting and analysis.
  • Get comprehensive results on campaign performance across devices.

* Rovi Ad Insights, 2016 Q1

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