Audience Data Services

Data-driven TV intelligence for reaching digital audiences and informing television advertising spending.

The TiVo data advantage.

Successful consumer targeting leads to increased relevance and sales lift. TiVo offers superior data services products for digitally identifying and precisely targeting television viewers, and measuring sales impact.


TV Targets.

TiVo TV Targets matches television-tuning information to visitation, purchase and related data sets in order to offer insights for delivering television advertising with precision. Our True Target Index (TTI) Reports provide target audience concentrations for TV networks, dayparts and programs, matched to advanced demographics from credit reporting agencies, CPG, automotive, retail and other partners. 


TV Segments.

We enable advertisers to digitally target viewers across platforms or pinpoint consumers exposed to particular television campaigns, allowing for optimized ad frequency, extended reach and improved campaign KPIs. These scalable, syndicated or custom segments are key to activating digital and TV campaigns with higher conversion rates. 



  • Realize higher sales and ROI by with media plans based on TiVo True Target Index reports.
  • Use reporting intelligence to deliver optimal reach and frequency for the true target audience, or test how different combinations of media affect targets. 
  • Match ad scheduling with purchase data to optimize advertising frequency.
  • Use segments to identify additional programs, dayparts and networks to reach targets.


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