Promo Advertising Systems/Analytics

Drive TV viewership and ratings.

Harnessing the power of big data to drive viewership.

TiVo’s proprietary solutions use predictive analytics and conversion analysis to manage promotional campaigns from inception to delivery to review.


Promo Optimizer.

Promo Optimizer empowers TV networks and programmers to increase ratings and drive viewership through audience-driven on-air promotions and paid-media plans. It simplifies and improves the process of efficiently finding and targeting new, lapsed, intermittent and prospective viewers to increase overall viewership.

The predictive analytics engine behind Promo Optimizer forecasts viewership and facilitates the process of building and executing promotional media plans. Data-agnostic and able to process raw data from millions of set-top boxes and panel sources, Promo Optimizer can also target data from multiple third-party consumer data sources in order to build and identify appropriate viewership targets for promotions.


Tune-In Analytics.

TiVo offers tune-in conversion analysis to help ensure delivery of viewer targets. Delivered as customized or generalized reports, TiVo’s tune-in overlap analysis breaks down the percentage of a program’s audience that was also exposed to a particular number of promotional spots for that program. 



  • Build and execute audience-based media plans using predictive analytics and viewership projections.
  • Identify audiences to build loyalty.
  • Increase exposure to drive viewership.
  • Leverage a data-agnostic application, drawing from numerous sources to understand behaviors, build target segments and optimize promotional media plans.
  • Strategically optimize inventory across multiple campaigns to help ensure inventory is fully utilized.
  • Improve business performance through closed-loop post-analysis.


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