As advertisers move away from targeting broad groups based solely on standard demographics, TiVo offers an audience-based solution with Audience Works for Marketing. Empowering marketers to find custom audiences within available promotional inventory, Audience Works for Marketing allows you to deliver “guaranteed” demographics as well as maximum target audience value and reach. Web-based and data-driven, Audience Works for Marketing provides strategic targeting and planning functionality to meet advanced viewer-centric requirements.


  • Measure both demographic and custom audiences. 
  • Improve promo performance against advanced targeting KPIs.
  • Report on all campaign activity for improved performance.
  • Execute simply with an easy-to-use web-based UI. 

The TiVo difference.

With Audience Works for Marketing, internal marketers can enjoy the benefits of highly customized, targeted promotional campaigns, thanks to TiVo’s unrivaled insight into viewer behavior. Our data ingestion and standardized processes help ensure efficient, accurate results. And, Audience Works for Marketing is cloud-based – so information is quick and current.

Loyalty, efficiency and measurement.

•  Add value to inventory by distributing across titles and decreasing waste.

•  Create a multi-channel media plan across brands. 

•  Update logs and creative on demand.

•  Implement secondary events planning.

•  Report across KPIs post-campaign.

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