In today’s multi-screen world, connecting your campaigns to TV viewing behavior can be a challenge. We offer Segments to help you improve your media planning and targeting across screens. We match reliable, single-source TV data streams in the industry with household-level behavioral data – purchase, retail, online and more – for greater efficiency. With 2.7 million active households in all 210 DMAs plus TiVo’s matching algorithms for both digital and linear reporting, our dataset is competitive and refreshed monthly.  


  • Competitively sized, scalable set-top-box sample.
  • Single-source, deterministic matching methodology that increases targeting capabilities and accuracy. 
  • Weighted projections to the TV household universe to provide scale.
  • National coverage in all 210 DMAs.
  • ID-based matching to easily connect to digital campaigns.

Untapped vertical segments.

With TiVo, you can take advantage of leading data resources, such as DSP, data store and trade desk partners. Segments can expand your campaign reach to viewers on multiple screens, targeting audiences that watch sought-after entertainment, sports and news. We can help you activate verticals that match your campaign KPIs for greater success using data that is transparent, trustworthy and scalable. 


You Can Use Segments To...

  • Target across platforms
  • Optimize ad frequency
  • Extend digital reach
  • Improve campaign KPIs

A trusted network of partners.

TiVo works with some of the most trusted data providers in the space to ensure your campaigns are reaching everyone you need to find across key segments, including retail/purchasing, pharmaceutical, geo-targeted data and much more.

Syndicated and custom options.

 Syndicated Segments: Choose from up to 220 proprietary segments, refreshed monthly, based on popular audiences that marketers need around seasonal and campaign-planning calendars.

Campaign Segments: Created on a client-need basis to support tune-in based modeling, this custom option provides insight into ad viewership using a wide range of behavioral attributes. 

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